Skin Tag Removal in Savannah, GA

Skin Tag Removal in Savannah, GA

Skin tags are small, harmless growths of skin that can appear anywhere on the body. They can be a cosmetic nuisance, causing discomfort or even embarrassment for some individuals. At our medspa, we offer a safe and effective skin tag removal treatment using a Hyfrecator. This advanced technology uses an electrical current to gently remove skin tags without the need for invasive surgical procedures.



The treatment is quick and painless, with most patients only feeling mild tingling or warmth during the procedure.

The treatment is safe and has minimal risks, including a small chance of infection or scarring.

Most skin tags can be removed in just one treatment session.

The treatment is generally safe for most individuals, but a consultation with our medical professionals is recommended to determine if the treatment is appropriate for you.

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